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Being a Vegan Freeathlete – Vegan Transformation

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How did it all start?

It all started with a thought, as many other things do, an idea. But I’ve had many thoughts ever since, so I can’t tell precisely which was it. Becoming a vegan goes through different paths for every person. You can do it for different reasons: the animals, the planet, for your health….a lot of people will judge whatever the reasons you have for going vegan, but in any case, it’s a very personal decision and little shall matter whatever the rest have to say. Once we understand that, the adventure begins.

From baby steps to giant steps to a vegan lifestyle

I’ll admit that I was not the kind that wanted to wait to make the big changes in his life. I’ve never been like that, and I probably won’t. When I really want something, I want it now and I jump to that purpose without too much hesitation. The idea of veganism had been around my head for something like half a year before I actually made the transition. Back then it was just an idea, a wish more likely, but since I was living with my family and I knew that it was going to be kind of like Mission Impossible, I just parked the plan for a near future. I said to myself that it was going to be hard to tell my mum to cook a different dish for me everyday, but now I admit that if I didn’t start back then was because of laziness…I could’ve cooked for myself if I so wanted it. Now that I don’t live with my parents, I admit I was just too comfortable.

Before discovering Freeletics I did some other training programs such as P90X, T25, and so on. I was kind of a vegetarian at that moment because meat was no longer part of my regular intake, I actually never quiet liked it, not the chicken meat, not the fish meat, cow’s, pig’s…nor any other living creature’s.

Animal rights were my main motivation at the beginning

So yes, as you can guess, animal rights were my main motivation at the beginning. Then I started paying attention to what to eat not to be lacking anything important. But honestly, I haven’t been too deep into the investigation; I mean, I’ve read a lot, yes, but I have never been too good at retaining the reasons why I should eat this or that, or why I should avoid this and that…I just try to keep my meals varied. Legumes, grains, veggies, fruits, nuts. I’m not a nutritionist so the memorizing of good and bad properties, and all the body processes involved and that of kind of stuff, isn’t really my thing, and when someone comes to me for advice I really don’t know how to explain myself…(I hate that, if you ask me). I did start tho, to post my foodies on Instagram. I didn’t use to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but becoming a vegan awoke a hidden little passion inside of me. The need to vary every meal was the trigger. The thing is, little before starting with Freeletics (a month before, or so) I still had chicken from time to time, for lunch, or eggs, or maybe had a yogurt for dessert. So basically I went from small period vegetarian, to a strict vegan from one day to the next.

This is me before starting Freeletics. As you can see, nothing to exceptional. A thin guy, not very lean, etc etc. (I didn’t get the habit of taking pictures of myself  until I really started noticing the changes in my body)

vegan freethlet, vegan, body transformation vegan

Training with Freeletics

My body constitution is that of an ectomorph, so, if you know what that is, you know that I have no problem with the eating, but more with the keeping (weight of course). So, from the very beginning I knew that the challenge for me was going to be more on the nutrition side than on the training…Of course, once I did my first aphrodite I also knew that the training part was going to be intense too.

As a newbie I was naturally a bit scared about all they say about being vegan, all the “lacking” of this and that, just because of the fact that I don’t eat meat nor any other animal by-product. But the truth is that my performance, my physical performance wasn’t doing but better every time, with every training session. Of course I’ve had some not too productive days when it came to training. But I guess it was always because of my tendency to train all the time, at all costs. Once you get hooked to the training, it’s difficult to stay a day or two without moving your body; so, those days where I’d train just because I couldn’t handle the resting, I got tired, I couldn’t beat my personal bests, I started feeling like I was doing it wrong. I mean, to us ectomorphs they always make clear that if our objective is to develop muscular mass and volume gain, we need to add weights, other that just the weight of our bodies, so once I reached a really good shape with Freeletics, I started noticing that my body was not changing anymore, I realized that nutrition here was one of the reasons, along with the need to take my training a step or two forward.  And that’s what I’m going to talk about next.

Here I am after my first 15 weeks. Fully motivated, happy, determined and vegan!

Beto Freeletics Workout

Beto Freeletics Workout

To me, being a vegan and keeping an active routine with Freeletics has always been something to feel proud of.

I don’t mean to presume here about how good I became, but actually, I do have to say that, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so good in my life, about my body, my resilience and my conscience.

It’s been two year and a half since I tried Freeletics, and ever since, that’s the only workout program I’ve wanted to stick to. I did try another one in between, just to compare; one that also worked with body weight, and it wasn’t bad at all. But it didn’t bring the full package of experiences that Freeletics has, to me. Cuz it’s more than just training.

My last achievement was to become an official Freeletics Ambassador in my city, so now

Being a vegan is a plus

I think that being vegan is a plus, specially when I tell other about it. Cuz they realize through me that I’m a healthy guy and I’m able to give my best in every training. I’ve always been constant and have tried to keep motivated no matter what.

Changing my food habits has brought light to the way I live and think, the way I relate to others, to the animals and to myself.

It’s made me open my eyes to a completely new world of tastes, colors, textures and to a sensation of inner satisfaction that I’d never felt before. It has somehow made me too, a more positive person. It’s good to know that there’re people out there like me, fighting to reach their full potential without causing so much damage to the world and themselves.

Freeletics Gym is the next

My next step now, after completing the program with the coach two times, its time to try the new update “Freeletics GYM, in order to compare results, and along with an augmented food intake, I hope to see even better results over the upcoming weeks. I’m going to try it at home, with my own material, cuz, I’m not too much of a gym kind of person, so I really hope that I’ll find a balance between the two modalities, (Bodyweight and Gym) not to fail.

So basically I’m going to finish this post with my personal view of the whole process I’ve been trough. It’s been simple, (contrary to what people normally think), it’s been tasty, full of  discoveries, I’ve felt energized and, no doubt, it’s been one of the most important steps I’ve taken in my life.

vegan freethlet, vegan, body transformation vegan

Body Transformation, vegan, vegan body, vegan athlet

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