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Get a cover model body with this bodyweight workout routine

Covermodel Bodyweight Workout Routine and vegan diet plan from Pino Thai

Pino is a 40 years old model and personal trainer with a fantastic body. He is on a vegan diet and shares all this training and nutrition tipps. Enjoy.


HI, my name is Pino. I am 40 years old tall, 187 cm for 77 kg. I training my self for more then 20 years and i am vegan for 4 years!bodyweight training, bodyweight fitness, bodyweight six pack, bodyweight muscle


Vegan Breakfast for the perfect cover model body

Before my breakfast i have one glass of hot water and one lemon and I eat one piece of garlic! Every morning!
After that i just eat fruit before I go gym!

I do training every day 40 minutes if am not busy !

My cover model bodyweight training

I do body weight exercises! People think is not hard! But is note then use machine! Because not choice to Chu’s the kg! Just use your body do is more hard! Anyway just try!:) Usually I just do pull up and push ups! Have really different exercise u can do it! One day week I do bit cardio run for 10 minutes and some kick for my legs. I want still flexible!

My cover model vegan diet – nutrition plan

After training if I can I just eat some fruit before lunch for back some power!

My lunch some is usually some white rice with a lot of vegetable!

clean eating, healty food, vegan food,

Between my lunch and dinner always some fruit some pineapples and dinner almost the same rise and been o vegetable! This type of meal is really easy to do, delicious and especially in Thailand very easy to od. 

I drink only water but really much every day!!

Nobody is perfect! My sin´s

Some time I drink some beer!

And I try stop smoking! Nobody is perfect!:)

This is allmost all I do
There are no secrets.  Its very simple!! And I don’t take any bullshit like protein powder, Vitamin b12 o anything else!! Am very powerful and in good shape!

One thing i do not miss every morning

And usually i do meditation in the morning after I weak up! This is very good for every one.

My opinion about steroids and food supplements:

Already all food I’d fuck up in the world nobody care about as! So think in this supplement what can put inside!! People always prefer the short way!! But is just bullshit way!! Before can finds aspartame in whey protein powder for give sweet test!! And for sure more shit in so many supplement!! Buy food much better and health! About steroid u are fuckin loser if u use!! NO healthy like people want to show in video o pics that why I Frick out in vegan fitness and that why people remove me! 80% of people don’t know much and just believe what they see! And pathetic idiot show is body full of shit and give also the indication to out training and eat!! But don’t tell about steroid!! This am really want fight about!! I mean u do what u want but don’t bullshit around!!

This is it. Yours Pino

bodyweight, muscle, six pack, bodyweight traning


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