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The 3 Best Tipps for Freeletics transformation – David Lhussier

My switch to vegan fitness nutrition

Why I did it ?

I would like to perform my nutrition, because we all know that food is very important for the body.

I already had knowledge about nutrition, but i decided to keep studying on it.

Gilles Lartigot

A friend has shown to me a video on youtube

Vegan nutrition, vegan lifestyle, vegan

A great man, very smart and healthy.

I began to watch a lot of his interviews, and was curious about Vegan nutrition, because I did'nt understand how it was possible to make muscle with vegetables ... Ok, i already knew there's a lot of proteins in noodle ; but there's too much carbohydrate too, and i can't think that's vegan just eat that ^^'

Gilles was so charismatic that's I decided to buy his book "EAT : Chronicles of a beast in the food jungle" (english and french available)

Eat - the chronicals book

I found most information that I needed. And i decided to take my time to read it ; to search truth by myself at every moment where he says something strange for me. It was the beggining. I also continued my research and read the testimony of Jean-Luc Daube (A french who is working for a french animal protection association). It was the click for me. I love animals, and I was pretty traumatized about what's going in slaughterhouse.

Mr Daube had to visit during 15 years, slaughterhouses in France, to check that French laws were really applicated.

I cried during my research, about what I read, what I saw (video) ... It was too much.

All my nutrition knowledge evolved, and I learn progressly how to eat without animals pain. Without animals proteins

A vegan friend helps me about a lot of things, and ... i just did it.

About my transformation (always with the coach)

Week 1 to 15 : Cardio/strength (5 days by week)

I am a Badminton player, and at the beginning I couldn’t do Freeletics and keep playing Badminton in the same week, because stiffness were too much for me.

So I choosed to do it with 5 days of Freeletics, and have a short break with Badminton.

At the beginning, I didn’t do any nutrition effort. 13 first weeks, I eat more cheat-meal than before ! I was thinking like “I do more sport than before so I can eat anything now .”

I seen that muscles appeared, but not my abs ! I was desapointed, and decided to modify my nutrition during two last weeks (Week 13 to 15 - big effort for me, aha !)

The result ? 74 kg --> 68,2 kg – Cool but too late for abs !

BUT, the really good thing for me was :

  • My cardio ! I wasn’t easily out of breath
  • Mental strenght , after my hell week I felt stronger ! Even I could do everything !
  • Stiffnesses were less here, so I could play Badminton again
  • Freeletics, Freeletics Transformation, Freeltics Workout, Muscel, gaining Freeletics

Week 16 to 28 : Cardio/strength (4/5 days by week) (+1 badminton day)

slowed down about good nutrition – I was happy about previous Hell Week, and decided to do more cheap meal ^^’

It was not a really good idea (for Abs : I put on weight but I thought I needed it !)

Even that, I decided to find where I can perform proteins nutriments in my food, and I think it’s “visible” :

Even new muscles, I continue to loose weigh (68 kg --> 64 kg)

But I thought that it was too much muscle for a Badminton player !

Freeletics Workout, Freeltics muscle gaining, Freeletics Tranformation

Week 29 to 41 : Cardio/strength (4 days by week) (+1 badminton day)

I was happy with previous results, but still angry about abs !

So I decided to test Freeletics nutrition (~two months? It was cool for the body, but as I cook the same thing for my wife – she didn’t like so much – so I did a break with FL recipes)

It proves that a good nutrition AND Freeletics efforts are cool : I can see my abs now o/

64 kg --> 62 kg

Freeletics Transformation, gaining muscle, Freeletics workout,

After, I tested a Strength transformation (results could be watched in my youtube video --> Week 52) - and since I’m vegan, a cardio transformation (trying to become more flexible to increase Badminton speed/skills).

62 kg -->59 kg – I think I don’t need to loose anymore ! I’m feeling good !

I prefer both mode ! So the next one will be again a Cardio/strength transformation-

Please list 1-2 days of what you are eating, this is important to know.

The morning, I like to eat rice milk with cereals.

Hey, I’m reading your question while eating (laught) – so this is my food this lunch :

Lentils, tomatoes, avocado, grapes, beans, and lemon juice !

Usually, I eat quinoa, or lentils, or noodles, or potatoes, or rice … and with one of them I add three of other ingredients, like you see before.

It can be peppers, courgettes, eggplant, marinated tomatoes, onions …

Freeletics, Vegan Food, low carb, healty, clean eating

My best tipps, the people must need to know when they want to go for vegan. 

If you like animals, and search to eat healthy – veggie style is like Freeletics – not just a sport – but a life-style !

You can test by yourself to eat without animals meat/cheese ... but if you do it just like that, you will find something’s missing … (taste, soft to chew )

It’s important if you try, to follow a vegan recipe. Vegan’s people like to cook, and there’s a lot of tips to do it with taste .

Do you know that the best Burger and the best vitamin supplement of the world is a vegan one? Test it, its Athletic Greens

athletic Greens superfood supplement

The best vegan power nutrition in one supplement. All vitamins and micronutrition you need to transform your body like David. 

How I did it ? My experience in the first mounth ?

At the beggining, i was afraid to stop eating meat, milk, eggs, cheese - because i didn't know how my body will support it.

I tried from November 2015 to January 2016, to eat veggie at the breakfast and lunch.

All was cool, so I say it to my wife, and I decided to do it completely

I don't want to impact my family with it, it's a personal choice, so i decided to continue to cook meat for her, and for my child too.

I'm the cooker at home  and I love cooking ! Like my father, I think that's his fault.

Why I continue about the vegan nutrition ?

I can't eat meat at all now ... It's too much disturbing for me.

And I know now, that's better for us (less cancer, live older, etc.)

I found that Freeletics nutrition guide really works before vegan lifestyle ; so I'm starting to translate all of it in Veggie recipes.

There's a lot of work, because i would like to keep same nutritions properties and taste.

Basically, about Freeletics :

I began for many reasons :

  • Because i had to loose weight
  • Because I was afraid that's my wife left me if I became bigger

I weight 74 kg before, and now 59kg

Right now, i am in week 59 !

Freeletics Transformatioin, Freeletics, Freeletics Workout

Kind regards,


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YouTube Video: 

Summary - the 3 best tipps to transform your body

​1) Do freeletics

2) Go vegan​

3) Take action now and transform your body with the help of Athletic Greens. Click on the picture below

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