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Mark Lauren Training: You Are Your Own Gym

Best Workout? Just Be Your Own Gym!

When it comes to highly effective Workout Programs there is probably no better and well-known on the market than "You Are Your Own Gym" by Mark Lauren.

Owning a good number of teen bodybuilding titles and gaining hands-on experience in the U.S. military service, Mark Lauren is a bestselling author today, owner of several bodyweight fitness trainings and apps and has trained more then 700 trainees of the U.S. Special Operations community as a physical training instructor.

Mark's specialty are highly effective bodyweight trainings with low chance of injuries and tailor-made diets to fit his trainees' needs.

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Bodyweight Training vs. Gym Workout

So, how come bodyweight trainings are so popular? If you are looking for a training or workout that offers the highest degree of flexibility, then Bodyweight training is for you. 

Advantages of Bodyweight Training vs. Gym workout:

  • For Bodyweight training requires no equipment, only your own body; hence YOU SAVE MONEY
  • you can do your workout WHENEVER you want
  • you can do your Bodyweight Training workout WHEREVER you want 
  • you build muscles evenly because you engage all parts of your body equally
  • SAVES TIME because Bodyweight Training is short but intense, plus you can do it at home

Are you curious what's possible with bodyweight training? Check Ahmed's experience with Mark Lauren's Bodyweight Training "You are your own gym".

​Hi Ahmed, thanks for sharing your experience with the Mark Lauren Bodyweight Program with us!

1) Please tell us a few things about you

Hi, my name is Ahmed Taha. I'm 21 years old and I am from Iraq. I'm a student in the university of Baghdad. I married in summer 2015 and will be a father soon.

Before I started Mark Lauren's training, I was a bit overweight and not in great shape at all. 

2) How long have you been doing Mark Lauren's Training Program?

I started the training about 3 years ago. But before I started with Mark's program, I had been working out in the house doing push-ups and exercises that I found on YouTube. I wasn't so happy and convinced with the results from these exercises. But one day I came across a video of Ahmed Alshigery on YouTube who hosted Mark Lauren. I really liked this guy and what he offered so I decided to try out his Bodyweight training program.

3) What was your motivation to start with Mark Lauren Training?

In the first place, I wanted to get rid of my belly fat and get some abs. When I startet the program, I really wanted to have a body like Mark Lauren and day after day I could feel how my body changed and really became like Mark's. The program is also very motivating because you can exercise in your house and don't need any equipment to start. But the most important thing really is the power and intensity of the exercises in Mark's Bodyweight Training. 

Mark Lauren Bodyweight Program YAYOG

Me before the training

Mark Lauren Bodyweight Program YAYOG

Handstand: never thought I'd be able to do this

4) What other sports are you doing?

I do some Football, go running after I do my workouts. I had asked for advice about jogging, and the customer service/ the developers of the app are super helpful: they answered me that Mark's advice is to go running after doing your workout. I integrated that advice and now do that daily.

5) How often do you train Mark Lauren's exercises per week?

Mark Lauren Bodyweight Program YAYOG

With YAYOG you become stronger, more flexible and really define your body

Mark Lauren Bodyweight Program YAYOG

"You are your own gym" - just work out at home without any equipment

Mark Lauren Bodyweight Program YAYOG

Never give up!

There are three types of programs of Mark: 10-WEEK, DVD YAYOG, EFX. Every program is different, for example, 10week focuses completely on fitness. There are four levels on it, beginning with first class and finishing in chief.

On the DVD YAYOG (or the App YAYOG = You are your Own Gym)) there are three levels of difficulty starting from beginner to intermediate and finally getting to advanced. Each one has three types of training.

And EFX is really challenging so I recommend you to start your training first with the DVD YAYOG, then 10week and at the end when you've build enough muscle and endurance go with the EFX program.

You can find all of Mark's DVDs on his website. In the 10 week program, I usually train 4 to 5 times and rest to 2 or 3 days peer week.

The "You are your Own Gym" (YAYOG) Training I do my workouts daily and rest 2 days at the end of the week. I do the same with the EFX training.

6) What does your nutrition plan look like?

It's quite simple I must say. I do not have a real nutrition plan. But what I do: I avoid sugar, drinks and alcohol and eat lots of plant-based food and fruits. For example, for breakfast I eat potatoes and eggs or sometimes tomatoes and eggs. For lunch, I have rice with meat and for dinner I eat lots of vegetables.

7) How many kcal do you consume per day?

To be honest: I don't count my calorie consumption.

8) What are your further goals with Mark Lauren and in general when it comes to fitness?

Mark Lauren Bodyweight Program YAYOG

Be patient, and with time you are gonna be able to do things you never thought you were able to do

Mark Lauren Bodyweight Program YAYOG

It's so convenient to workout at home

Mark Lauren Bodyweight Program YAYOG

Finally defined abs 😉

To lose most of my belly fat and build muscles on my entire body.

And also I have a goal that I want to see coming true: my goal is to be a trainer. I want to train people, help them with a healthy lifestyle and maybe even open my own studio. I'm really convinced of Mark Lauren's bodyweight program because his system and way of training and building the body is very good and very effective.

It would like to travel to another country because the situation is very difficult in Iraq. My my dream is to work with Mark on his program and to always workout with him.

9) As an experienced Freeletics athlete, what which advice would you give to Freeletics beginners?

I would say: just love what you do and you will succeed in it! Because when you love your workout you will never ever stop training. And what I tell all my trainees who start workout out: always check that you do the exercises correctly, that everything is in the right position, so you avoid injuries or hurting yourself.

10) Is there anything else you want to share with us?

I would like to thank you for all your great work. Mark Lauren really changed my life. Here in the Arab world, people like Mark's programs a lot. And I very much love your work too and I wish you all the best. 

Finally, here's a picture of me when I had been doing Mark Lauren's Program for 6 month:

Mark Lauren You are your own Gym YAYOG experience

Me 1,5 years ago at the beginning of working out with Mark Lauren's Program

Mark Lauren Bodyweight Training you are your own gym experience

Me after 6 month of working out with Mark Lauren's programs

Mark Lauren Bodyweight Program YAYOG

First shoulder and back muscles visible

Thanks Ahmed for the great interview and for sharing your experience with us and our readers! 

If you wanna try Mark Lauren's bodyweight program and have a body transformation like Ahmed, download

Mark Lauren's App YAYOG

The new iOS app's update, which released today, has translations for Arabic, Basque, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese now.

We wish you all the best as well! Keep up the great work and maybe soon you'll have your own studio and training program yourself ;).

Check out Ahmed's Training Videos here.​

Have you tried Mark Lauren's workout program? What was your experience?

If you have had a body transformation with bodyweight training, feel free to share your story as well. Send us your article and pictures (before-after) to​

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